Blacet Time Machine Circuit Mods

The Time Machine from Blacet Research is a voltage controlled analog delay module that is extra nice for modular synthesis, because so many of its parameters can be controlled externally. 

I only have one mod for it so far, but it's one that is needed for people who use my custom MOTM panel.

Mod 1: Add a manual BYPASS switch to the front panel.

Parts required: One 100K resistor, one SPDT switch, hookup wire.

Find U13, a TLO74, on the pcb (look to the lower mid right, with the board oriented so you can read the legends.) If we apply +15V through a resistor to pin 9, the delay effect will go into bypass, and should override the signal at the CANCEL (BYPASS) jack. You will be working on the solder side of the pcb. Solder a hookup wire from the base of R42 which is connected to pin 9 of U13. The other end of the hookup wire is soldered to either the top or bottom terminal of the switch (using my panel? BYPASS is ON when the switch is up, so solder to the bottom lug). Then solder one end of a second hookup wire to the top pin of the power connector, which carries +15V. This wire will connect to one end of the 100K resistor, while the other end of the resistor connects to the center terminal of the switch. Because the TM board is so dense, I recommend mounting the resistor offboard on the panel switch (pic to follow). Here's the location on the pcb.

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