VCO Tuner Switches

Do you prefer MiniMoog style octave and semitone tuning switches on your VCOs? Would you like to have some arbitrary control voltages readily available by spinning a knob? Then take a look at the JLH-822 and JLH-831 V-Shift modules.

Designed as companions to the MOTM-300 VCO by Larry Hendry, these modules can also be used anywhere else that you want to apply a precision control voltage offset. Just patch them inline with your keyboard or other control voltage.

The JLH-822 is optimized for VCOs, with dual sections each offering octave and semitone step switches. The JLH-831 has three independent sections, each offering a 12 position switch. Each interval is trimmable for setting up your favorite custom intervals.

Larry sells printed circuit boards, rotary switches, instructions, and the front panels to get you going. He sometimes also offers precision matched resistor packs.

For more information, contact Larry or visit his website.

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