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My modular Hammond B-3

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This is my 1958 Hammond B-3.

It has been removed from the original case and refitted into a modular aluminum chassis. All wood components can be stripped off in a few seconds to service the electro-mechanical pieces underneath. For transport, it breaks down into the following components: upper manual/preamp, lower manual, generator, and legs. It is not 100% finished - the aluminum legs need to be anodized, and the pedal linking mechanism made better.



Here the side panels are removed and the upper manual is tilted up.

The large ELCO connector on the right connects the lower manual to the upper. The ELCO on the left connects the tone generator to the upper manual. A pedal harness running inside one leg is planned but hasn't been added yet.

The whole idea was to make it easy for one person to gig and move a B-3. The sad verdict is that it is STILL too heavy! Instead of 1 blindingly heavy piece, now I have several uncomfortably heavy pieces. Oh, well.



This view from the back shows the generator snugged up under the manuals in its aluminum trussed cage.

Theoretically, it has less hum than putting it on the floor with longer wires. I kept the original tube preamp for 100% authentic sound. The only electronic mod is a pot added on the left cheekblock to control the chorus intensity.

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