Dave's Keyboard and Synth Picture Gallery

When I look back on all the equipment that has passed through my hands, I'm amazed! The other thing that strikes me is how I usually seemed to make the odd choice. Why buy a conventional instrument when you can get something a little exotic, or build something cool yourself, or at least customize it to your own needs? I hope you enjoy this partial look at instruments from my oddball collection over the years.

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Young punks rehearsing in the basement...

This is the first organ I actually owned, a red Farfisa Combo Compact. Before this, I played a Doric combo organ for about a year. All the G notes would fail on it at the same time until you smacked it on the top. Other combo organs I played later included a Gibson G-101 and a Farfisa Professional VIP.



Rockin' on stage a few years later...

This rig consists of a Hammond B-2 in a custom 3 tier case with a Hohner Pianet built in. My first synth, an EML-101, can be seen behind (kbd is atop the Hammond.) I had a Moog ribbon controller interfaced to it so that I could pretend I was Keith Emerson.



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