Power Distribution

After you have selected and mounted a power supply, you must deliver that power to all your modules.

WARNING! - you are dealing with potentially lethal voltages when installing a power supply. Do not work with the supply plugged in. Do not allow any solder shorts, or cracked insulation on wires. You can cause a fire if you are not careful!

The MOTM system uses 4 pin MTA connectors to distribute power to each module in a "star" arrangement to minimize potential noise. Other synthesizers may use a "buss" arrangement. 

A star arrangement provides the most direct path to the power supply for all modules, while a buss arrangement provides paths of varying lengths for different modules.

In a system with a large number of modules, power distribution boards are needed. Synthesis Technologies sells a 12 connector and a 21 connecter board. A power supply may be connected to the first board, and standard MTA cables may be used to chain further distribution boards as shown. 

This results in a pseudo star configuration. If possible, all VCOs should be plugged into a single distribution board if you use this scheme.

With just a little more work, a full star configuration can be maintained. Instead of chaining the distribution boards, each is connected back to a central terminal block, which is in turn connected to the power supply. You should probably use 14 or 16 gauge wire from the power supply to the terminal block, and 16 gauge wire from the terminal block to the distribution board.

To see how I implemented this arrangement on my synth, click here.

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