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You have reached Dave Bradley's Hot Rod MOTM Shop! This is where I collect all the material associated with my modular analog synthesizer project. I'm building a large modular synth using the "best of breed" modules available today from the current group of synthesizer module manufacturers, as well as designing my own circuits when nothing suitable exists. I have chosen the Synthesis Technology MOTM (Modular of the Millennium) system as the basis for my design. If you would like to know my rationale and selection criterion, read this.

What's this thing?   

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I have had experience in the past with a very elegant and large E-MU modular system, and it has influenced me greatly in terms of my ideals for synthesizer module design. I worked in an electronic music studio for years, using this system and interfacing it to a variety of other machines to create a 16 voice polyphonic monster. This experience taught me how to create a personal and unique modular synthesizer, by customizing existing modules, and by bringing cool modules into the system from other manufacturers.

The elements for building a custom synthesizer system include:

Building custom modules, when you just can't buy what you need:

Modifying stock modules, for more performance or features:

Mounting modules from other manufacturers, and making it look pretty:

Putting together the system infrastructure:

My Synth

I have practiced what I preach to put together my own unique system. Just about every trick that I have documented on this site is used in my synth. So here it is - the Synth of Doom!

Dave's Keyboard and Synth Gallery

Here's a parade of instruments I have owned, built, and customized over the years.

My other hobby

Motorcycle mania has struck.

Miscellaneous Links

Where to find parts:

Links to Synth Manufacturers, whose modules I admire and use:

  • Synthesis Technology - maker of the wonderful MOTM system, the format I chose for my instrument
  • Blacet Research - innovative modules that push the limits; makers of the Time Machine and Dark Star Chaos
  • Encore Electronics - home of the mighty Expressionist MIDI to CV converter, and the Universal Event Generator module
  • Oakley Modular Systems - circuits designed to be compatible with the MOTM system
  • Metasonix - makers of genuine tube-based sound mangling modules that can be mounted in your MOTM
  • Wiard Synthesizer Company - designer of the awesome MiniWave

Links to other MOTM enthusiasts:

  • David Bivins - the Bald Bastard, synth techno master
  • Ken Tkacs - check out his alternative method of creating custom panels
  • Larry Hendry - aka Stooge Larry - has pcbs for some custom DIY interval switcher modules, and universal mounting brackets for attaching pcbs to custom MOTM panels
  • Andy Finch - visit his MOTM page
  • Dave Fulton - the Dweller at the Threshold
  • Jeffrey Pontius - he has constructed a neat swing-out rack
  • Robert Rich - ambient electronic music at its best

More links:

  • Speakeasy Vintage Music - hand made instrument preamps with real tubes and output transformers - great for vintage keyboards

Here's the breakfast of champions for modular synthesists.

Questions, comments? email me - Dave Bradley